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Welcome on the BoardGameTrans Wiki!

This website is made from passion and is not affiliated with any brand/label/editor in any manner…

The main purpose of this wiki is to provide players around the world:

  • A nice tool for translations,
  • Non-yet officialy translated board games rulebooks,
  • Games addons, crib sheets with their translations.
  • When possible, a layout that fits perfectly to the original rules.

All made by players, for players. This newly created community should be a great translation team, this wiki and, by the way, this community is obviously open to anyone interested in. And of course the more people giving a hand, the more effeicient this website will be. So come on!

We've started this project with Mafia City from, a better bet game and I Am Vlad, a tactical arena board game from .(Romania) one of our favorite in Essen spielmesse 2012!

Translated rulebooks:

I Am Vlad - Prince of Wallachia - Rulebook The whole original rulebook design can be found here You can find the .pot file used to translate the rulebook here…
Mafia City Mafia City Project leader : Petr Bělík Game designers : Petr Bělík feat. ein +1=0 Artwork : Marek Píza Graphic design : Marek Píza Rules : ein…
Mississippi Queen Rulebook Published by Goldsieber Designed by Walter Hodel Imported by Rio Grande Games: <> For 3-5 players aged 10 and up …

"Work in progress" rulebooks:

"Sheduled translations:

ToDo lists

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